Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 2 and 3 Done!

Day 2 was pretty easy. I had plenty of juice and water and didn't feel abnormally hungry. That night, I did experience some cramping in my feet. It was weird, because I wasn't doing anything, just sitting on the couch, feet up, watching TV. All of a sudden, my left foot and ankle got a cramp. Ouch! I got it to stop by standing up and stretching it out. Later, in bed, my right foot and ankle did the same thing. I did some research and couldn't come up with anything concrete as a cause. I'm pretty sure I took in enough liquids as well. We'll see.

Day 3 was good too, no more cramps. Sometimes, I think Day 3 can be a tough one. Your mind starts playing with your resolve. After drinking only juice for a couple of days, you still aren't really used to that and you miss the act of eating the food. I've heard others say that they chew on ice when this happens. I didn't want to do that....too darned cold for me. I had a plan for the day, and I just stuck to it. I was kind of sleepy when I got home, but had my DDP Yoga workout I needed to do. Again, it was still difficult for me. I felt much better after I finished it and got busy in the kitchen.

Organization is key for me, as I've said before. So, last Sunday, I had gotten 3 days worth of breakfasts and lunches ready to be juice. That meant that Wed. night, I had to get ready for the rest of the week and make my dinner juice too. Having worked out before, gave me a boost of energy that helped me. One mistake I made was that I made my "Miss Scarlett" dinner juice too late in the evening. It was harder to fall asleep because of the energy that I get after I drink a juice. Lesson learned!

My "Miss Scarlett" was this:
2 medium tomatoes
1 small golden beet
1.5 green pepper
1/2 red pepper
1 yellow pepper

For some reason, this juice made lots of foam. I just let it sit and kept stirring it, because I wanted all of it. It didn't make a BIG glass of juice, but it was enough for me. I like the way it tastes and that it's a simple one. Keeping things simple helps too. No one wants to drag 10 bags out of the fridge to make a juice at the end of the day. On to day 4!

Juice On!!

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