Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day One in the books

Yesterday went very well. I made one small mistake. I made too much juice for breakfast, but I drank it all anyway. I was full, to be sure. I made about 26 oz. of juice, with watermelon pieces, 1 apple and 2 carrots. It was kind of sweeter than I prefer, but very tasty.

When I did this before, I was often asked, "do you get hungry?" Naturally I get hungry. Everyone gets hungry! People are hungry before lunch, dinner, and in between, so getting hungry is to be expected. Now, what you do about that, especially if it's in the afternoon "snack time," is a different matter. What I do, is reach for the water. I keep a glass of ice water near me all the time. Another tip, is that I tend to think of my juices as meals. I get full, so why not?

Lunch was my version of Joe Cross' Mean Green Juice. Boy have I missed having that. It tasted so good. I hardly got sleepy at all in the afternoon. After a few more days, I won't get sleepy anymore during the day. Dinner was what I like to call VGR8. You can vary it in many ways, but since I'm just starting out, I kept it simple. I had 3 small-medium tomatoes, 2 stalks of celery, 2 carrots, 3 hands-full of spinach, a small hand-full of Italian parsley, and one smallish golden beet. I think that was it! There was plenty of juice and, though it wasn't very pretty, it tasted good. Here are some tips about this.
1. I get the spinach in a bag, already washed. It's just easier. To juice it, grab a handful and kind of ball it up, before stuffing it in the juicer.
2. Make sure to rinse off that parsley. Mine was sandy.
3. Peel the beet. If you don't, the juice might have an essence of dirt in the flavor.

Before I made my dinner juice, I did my DDP Yoga workout. I haven't done any of it in a very long time and I could tell. The workout I did is called "Energy" and it's the entry level one. Well, I could barely do it. It was pathetic. I did the best I could, remembering how I used to be able to breeze through it at one time. I will again. It still felt good to be working out again.

This is a brief description from diamonddallaspage.com of his yoga:
"DDP Yoga is not traditional yoga, it’s a hybrid workout that incorporates
some traditional yoga movements and adds dynamic resistance, active breathing techniques and power movements to make for a more challenging and results oriented workout."

It will help me  with losing weight, getting stronger and more flexible. I wish I'd known about it when I did my first fast, 4 years ago. Ah well, I'm looking forward, not back!!

Until next time......Juice on!!

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