Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! 2 month update

It's been a long time since I wrote. I know, I know, I should have at least made an appearance, some small effort to keep up my good work. No excuses, but lots of reasons. I been busy man!

Ok, so how have I done so far after 2 months? I came off the fast right before Christmas and was afraid to eat much of anything for a long time. Actually, I only wanted to eat vegetables and drink juice. But by Christmas, I was ready to have all my traditional favorites and make a big meal. I made too many kinds of veggies, but that turned out to be fine. I froze some of the turkey for later use and made some turkey vegetable soup that lasted a while. I had too much meat in my freezer, from taking advantage of sales and such, so needed to use that up. Fortunately, my daughter and her boyfriend came to stay with me, arriving on New Year's Eve. She is a good cook and has helped to use up things and keep them from being wasted. She has dinner waiting for me every night. I would often skip dinner, or just make a sandwich and that is not good.

So, with the holidays and having regular meals all the time, I am happy to say that in 2 months, I have only gained 10 pounds back. Oh, and I am just getting over a rotten cold that took about 2 weeks and I didn't feel like doing much during most of that time. Before I got sick, we would go on a long walk almost every night, or do some other type of exercise. We will start doing that again. I expected to gain 5-7 pounds, so am not unhappy with the ten pounds, considering all the changes lately. I still drink lots of juice, mostly the Mean Green. It just makes me feel better in general, not that I feel bad. I still have plenty of energy and do not get sleepy at work like I used to.

Other good news.....I gave my other daughter a juicer for Christmas, not a Breville, but an ok one. I told her it was so she could make juice for the kids, because they like it and also hoped that she might give it a try. Without saying too much, she decided to go on a fast like I did. She has been on it for at least 2 weeks, I am not exactly sure when her first day was, but she has lost over 20 pounds, even though she was cheating almost every day. I told her not to eat and that it might eventually make her sick. It did. Besides, one of the reasons to do a fast, is to give your digestive system a break. Sometimes, ya gotta learn things the hard way. Other times, you should listen to your Mom!! I saw her this weekend and she looked great! People noticed it in my face first and it's the same with her. Also, she used to get headaches quite often and has not had one since she started juicing. She used to get heartburn all the time too, and that has gone away. I used to have that too, and mine went away and has not returned. It's been much harder for her with a family to feed, but she is doing well and I am very proud of her.

And, more good news.........daughter, who is staying with me, has said that she will do a fast with me. I still have 30 pounds to lose and she does too. We are going to do a 30 day one, and see how it goes. She says she is in for however long I want to go and she is looking forward to it. We plan to start on Sunday, Feb. 12th. I kind of forced them to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with me one night. They liked it. I wish the other one would watch it. That was the 5th time I watched it and it still gets to me and inspires me. Joe Cross did a really good thing by making that and continues to help people and promote a healthier lifestyle.

I have enjoyed eating a variety of things and lots of vegetables. I always liked vegetables, but didn't always make the effort to eat them. The only fast food I've had are some little weird tacos from Jack in the Box, because it was a special treat for my daughter, who could not get them in Florida. She doesn't eat fast food either, except for those things. Anyway, I am looking forward to the simplicity of a juice fast again. People say that it's so hard. I know that it is at first, but once you get used to it, at least for me, it wasn't hard at all. I still think that a juice is an amazingly easy way to get the nutrients from fresh vegetables into your system with the least amount of work. I know what to expect and how to handle it and I know what I will miss. Funny, I still haven't had the lasagna I used to think about all the time. But guess what? That is what I will be having for my birthday dinner, and.........with Homemade Pasta!! It will be soooooooo good. At least, I think it will be. Sometimes, things aren't like I remembered them, even after 2 months.

I do plan to blog again while on the next fast. It helps me keep on track....makes me accountable. This time, I am going to measure myself more and take better pictures. I'll let you know how things are going.

Sure I will!!! Juice on!!

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