Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 1.........Post Fast

This is sure to be a let down, after the fabulous post of yesterday. It can't be helped.

My first day of eating!! Woo-de-hoo-hoo. I was so busy, didn't have time to do much about eating. I made a apple and carrot juice in the morning, while the carpet cleaning dude was here. I didn't want to eat my first real food with him around.

Once he left, I had to leave too. The chemicals smelled awful, dogs had to be kept up and were barking, so I took off to run a couple of errands for an hour or so. Finally, things got under control and I sat down at my table with my lovely pear. It was delicious! I did eat the whole thing, it wasn't very big. A few hours after that, I had a Mean Green, but reduced the amount and ate part of the cucumber I would normally use. It tasted good too.

Didn't get to have my soup until late. I was just doing things and the time got away from me. It was worth the work, once I finally got it made. I roasted a 2 lb. butternut squash, cut in cubes, tossed with olive oil and a little bit of salt. I also roasted a garlic and added half of that. A few onions were sprinkled in to roast too, about halfway though. Put all that in a pot, along with about a half can of chicken broth, some coconut milk and a bit of cream. Mashed it and then used my stick blender to smooth it out. I left it fairly thick. I could feel the warmth from it in my tummy. It didn't take much to fill me up either. I'll have enough for 2 more meals, easily. It was so tasty!! Next time, I'll use vegetable broth that I will make. I think it would taste better with that.

Yesterday was fun though. I got plenty of congrats and Wow's!! The family was really impressed. One of the doubters even texted that he may have to get a juicer. Wait till he tastes my fresh juice! He'll  be converted.

 I feel just great. Lots of energy, no ill effects from anything so far. If the soup causes no issues, I should be on the right track. I tell you, I almost caved and thought about just having a juice for dinner. So easy, no dishes. But, that wouldn't have been the plan and I did so want hot food again. Remembered to drink plenty of water too. That's important any time. Have to keep hydrated and I think it's good for the skin too.

Be Strong!!

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