Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 57.............More tips and stuff

First off, I am not Worried-Vic anymore. My common sense kicked in and I realized that it's pointless to worry about something I can do nothing more about. Worrying about what will happen when I end my fast is silly. I plan to end it and I've done my homework. Whatever does happen, will. So that is that.

I've been meaning to share something I discovered a few days ago. My Breville is great. I rinse it out well every time I use it. I haven't put the parts in the dishwasher, because I have only actually run that once since I started this. I noticed that the basket that holds the blade was getting dull, like it had a film on it. Rubbing harder when rinsing it, removed some of the film, so I knew it wasn't stained. Brilliant person that I can be, I noticed an unused brush in my "brush" glass that might be just the ticket. It was perfect, even for cleaning out the spout. Want to see?......................................Sure you do!!
The curved end just gets in the rounded part of the basket and the other end gets the spout. It's a baby bottle brush made by "The First Years." I don't know if they still make them. I've had it for a few years. I use it all the time now. Good thing it didn't get much use years ago. The basket looks brand new again, too!

Next, take a gander at this humongous kale leaf. I think it's a different variety from what I have been getting. That's my favorite 8" bladed knife there.
I cut part of the stems off to soak in a cup. Then I break off the rest of the big part before I juice it. Yes, I see a pattern. Unusually large produce equals a photo opp for me now. Sic Vic. I can't help myself!!!!!

Now, I have talked before about rinsing/washing/soaking the kale. I used to just wash it under running water, at first. In the interest of conserving water, I started soaking it in a bowl, and swishing it around a bit. I was really surprised how much dirt came off it, because it didn't even look dirty. I think soaking it helps clean it.
That's just about 6 leaves' worth. When I get 2-3 days worth ready, I use a great big metal bowl. I put a plate on top and push it down so water gets on the plate. That helps hold it down in the water. Kale tends to float.

I've been doing the kale like that for a long time. I wish I had thought about that brush sooner and could have shared it. I'm just happy about it.

Little things that help daily life are great. There are lots more great little things in a day than big ones. I like to notice all little things and be happy several times a day. That sounds pretty sappy. I do it, but I may not show it. Letting little things make you happy might make each day better than it would have been if you hadn't noticed. My Ozarka water and my juice make me happy, too. So does writing this blog.    :-)

Juice on!!!

p.s. It's not special water. Well, it is to me because I like it. I don't know if you can even get it outside of Texas. The company was bought by Nestle, but it still tastes the same to me. I don't know if it really comes from springs or not. I like to hope that it does. I also use a Brita pitcher. Tap water, can't drink it.


  1. Vic, I'd appreciate a copy of your spread sheet. You're almost there! Keep up the good work!

    can you send the spreadsheet to morris@(#1open source company with a hat in the name)


  2. A hat in the name? I'd be happy to send it, but I don't understand the email addy.

  3. Come on Slender-Vic, you said you were in technology! :) redhat...

  4. Ah Linux! Got it. Haven't ever used it, someday I'd like to. Let's just see if I figured it out....