Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 52....................old habits...............

Yesterday, I wrote about my days as the are now. I later realized that it might be more meaningful if I had written about what my days were like before. So, here I will  try to write a synopsis of the old days.

Mornings: Drag myself out of bed with just barely enough time to get ready for work. Maybe grab a breakfast burrito or  biscuits and gravy, if I had time, from a fast food place. Or, I'd get a sausage biscuit and big Diet Dr. Pepper from the gas station on the way. (Hmm, that used to give me heartburn, too. I forgot all about that, because it went away shortly after I started juicing. I used to take several antacids throughout the day. Bonus!)
Get to work, sleepy and grumpy for awhile. Usually did  not drink coffee, so good there. I would drink water, but only a couple of glasses, less if really busy.

Lunch: That was when I did the best. I would make something on the weekend to have all week most of the time, sometimes a big salad, with low-carb dressing, steamed veggies with sausage, pot roast, stuffed peppers or pasta. I like leftovers. I'd be sleepy in the afternoons and driving home.

Night: Get home and let the dogs out and make myself some sort of beverage with alcohol in it, using Diet soda, of course, must be healthy! Let the dogs back in and sit down in my recliner. Listen to the radio till 7 and then start watching TV, and refilling my glass as needed. If I did get hungry a couple of hours or so later, I'd have a frozen pizza, (2-3 slices), or a pot pie, lean pocket, or maybe just a sandwich of some sort. Sometimes, I'd make a package of a rice dish, like Red Beans and Rice. I don't know how many it is supposed to serve, but I would eat about half and save the rest.

Finally, on into bed and slept like crapola. I'd toss and turn and wake up often. I know this is because of the alcohol disrupting my sleep rhythms.

So, exercise, terrible eating habits, not much water, rotten sleep, and slowly gaining weight. A disaster. I think my blood pressure might have been high too, because one time, a good while back, I went to a doc because I was sick and they told me it was high and gave me some pills to take. I took them until I ran out. I didn't go back. (BP is not high anymore, they take it at the dentist office, so no yapping.)

If the above routine sounds anywhere near what your days are like, you don't have to start juicing. However, (and I'm no expert) I think you best change something. I got into those habits over time and was happy being that way, except for being overweight. I knew that my attempts at healthy eating and exercising from time to time, would never really help. I needed something drastic. And that is when I found Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The timing was just right. Day 52, I almost hate to mention the weight loss, because it's so much more than that, but down 34.5 pounds. That's a good side effect of getting healthy.

Juice on!!!


  1. Skinny Vic,

    I just spent the last day reading every post you've written over the past several weeks. I discovered it while researching and preparing for my own juice quest which I plan on beginning in January. You're in the home stretch now, and I am so excited for you! I can only imagine how you must feel right now! Excited to have reached your goals, curious as to how your schedule and body will react to solid foods, and ready to keep up the healthy eating habits so your body will continue to drop weight and keep your energy level up! I will be following for these last 8 days, but please keep writing!! I, for one, would definitely love to hear everything you have to say about returning to solid foods and your experiences with that, and then to see how you choose to maintain this lifestyle once you are through with your fast!

    Best of luck!!!

  2. Right now, I don't feel that great, but much better than last night! Thanks so much for your comment. It helps me to keep going, knowing that others are benefiting as well. I will keep writing as long as I feel I can be relevant to the subject at hand. I am curious too, what it will be like in the future. Good luck to you too. I know you will do well if your mind is in the right place. Your body will follow....