Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post fast.....One Week

It's been a week today since the last day of my fast. I think I've gained 3 pounds back which is very good. I still haven't eaten any meat other than that little bit of sausage. I am still drinking juices and eating vegetables mostly, because that is all that I want.

This morning, I was tired from staying up late, lots later than normal, on a work night. I made a juice first thing and it made me feel just fine. I never will get over how it just seems to be absorbed so quickly and fix you right up.

My routine still isn't one. I am still eating the leftovers from the steamed veggie buffet I made several days ago. That's fine. I like leftovers and it still tastes really good. I didn't exercise as much this week as I should have. Have to work harder on that as the days fly by.

I also think that I am going to update this weekly instead of every day. If that is not ok, let me know. If I feel like I have something interesting to contribute, then of course, I will. I feel like, even though I haven't eaten hardly any of the kinds of things I used to eat, that I will be just fine. That's good news, but you can't write about it every day. It's plain boring.

The holidays are upon us. I hope everyone enjoys them and stays healthy. I know that I will.

Juice on!!!


  1. I found your blog about a week ago, only a couple days into my fast. Now, I've come back and read your first post fast week and I'm still inspired. Thank you for blogging about your experiences.

    I am on day 10. I started out thinking I'd do a 10 day fast and at day two I wasn't sure I'd last with my caffiene withdrawal headaches. I also have found some of the juices to make me do the bitter beer taste and have nasty convulsions... seriously! So when I was getting really down, i decided ot take kale out of my juice for a day or two and get back into it. I've done so and am now thriving. I've decided I'm gonna keep going.

    Thank you for the inspiration. How did you decide on how long of a fast to do? I don't think I need to do a 60 day fast as I don't have that much to lose. However, I think a 30 day fast would be good. Or maybe 20 days! I did the cabage soup diet along with some detox pills for a week about 3 days before I started so I had already 'cleared' my body of all its waste so this was perfect to go into. I think in 10 days (plus the cabbage soup week) i'm down about 15 pounds. However, at 147.5 now its starting to be .5 or .3 a day and thats discouraging! Any advice on how to stay positive when the weight is coming off?? I suppose the way I feel and so energetic is worth it!!

    Well, I've rambled. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your blog!

  2. I originally decided to do 40 days due to the time frame before Thanksgiving. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and wanted to do 60, but not sure about the holiday. I changed my mind because it was so easy and I wanted to lose more weight. I still need to lose 20 more to reach my target goal. The loss does slow down, and sometimes stops for a day. But, you can go only 30 or shorter. I think that is entirely up to you and how you feel. Also, women lose more slowly than men. Add some walking in and that will help, once you have the extra energy.
    Watch the movie again. It will motivate you. I have seen it 4 times. It gets so routine, it's hard to stop just juicing.

  3. Oh, and you are most Welcome!!! Writing my blog kept me motivated too.