Monday, December 12, 2011

Post Fast....Day 2

I have decided that I will write about my day at the end of the day, instead of writing for the next day. It just makes more sense.

Yes, I stepped on the scale first thing this morning. No, I didn't gain any weight back. I didn't expect to, since I hardly ate anything yesterday. So far so good.

Again, didn't have time to eat this morning, so made another fast fruit and sweet potato juice and out the door. I went to a movie at the Studio Movie Grill with the family. I wasn't sure what I would eat for lunch. They had some interesting looking salads on the menu. I couldn't face cold food, to be honest. So, I ordered a spinach and mushroom quesadilla and hoped for the best. It wasn't that big, and only came with salsa, which I did not have. I must say, it was very good. I ate more of it than would fit inside an Easter Egg. Also had a bit of a tortilla chip and a bite of a  french fry. Neither appealed to me. Afterward, I felt pretty full, but not uncomfortable. We walked a good way after the movie and that helped, I am sure. Hours later, I feel fine. No stomach pains, no gurgles. I don't know what is going on inside, but I am hoping just normal things.  Still not hungry, but drinking water.

I have something else to share that is important to know, especially for the ladies. A couple-three weeks ago, I noticed that my back between my shoulder blades was feeling tired, like I needed to lie down or get a massage. I tried a doorjamb massage, and while it felt ok, it didn't make the feeling go away. A few nights ago, I was chatting with my friend, Big Daddy/2. He was telling me about the bra-top he was sewing for his wife's belly dancing costume. We got to talking about the importance of a proper fit and such. Then, it dawned on me what was causing my back muscles to feel so odd. My support system was too big now and not doing the job. So I dug down in my drawer to try to find some smaller underwear, hard, cause I cut all the tags off and they all look the same. Anyway, I had success, and a few days later, the issue seems to be resolved. Point is, when you are walking around and your underwear falls off, it's time to replace All of it. On a juice fast, you need all kinds of support.

The next couple of days, at least, I plan to stick with juice for breakfast and lunch. But, I cut down on the amount and will have something else at lunch, like soup, homemade, of course. Dinner will be vegetables. Hot vegetables. It might be easier to eat raw if it was summer, or maybe in a few days. What I really need to do, is to plan this all out a little bit better.

Be Strong and juice on!!

ps. I found out that I can change the settings so anyone can comment, no login! Duh, wish I had known.

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well so far. Could I have your spreadsheet?

    Thanks and congrats again!