Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 60............"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning."

When this day is over, where to now? For over 2 months, my life has been focused primarily on my juice quest. Making sure I was prepared, researching questions, reading other blogs and websites, exercising, and writing all about it, has been such a major part of my daily existence. Now that I have arrived at this destination, it's time to find another. It's time to expand the horizon and see what I can do. Sounds exciting!!

So, do you want to see some numbers and pictures? ....................................Sure you do!!!!!

Ok, here are the approximate, but close amounts of what I have consumed in the past 9 weeks.

Kale Leaves            378
Celery Stalks          324
Apples                    200
Carrots                   180
Tomato                   136
Ginger/pc                108
Spinach/handful         81
Limes                        72
Green Onions            72
Cucumber                 63
Peppers/Red/Yellow 54
Beets                        45
Italian Parsley           36
Turnips                     36
Green Peppers         27
Pears                       27
Sweet Potato           18
Daikon Radish           9
Watermelon             1 whole at least
Pineapple                 5

Well, that's quite a list of stuff for one person. I'm sure there is more, but I think that you can see enough to get the idea.

Now the pictures...........Here is what I was like before I started this juice fast........wilted, tired all the time. I was just hanging around, not living my life.

And here is what I am like now.............vibrant, refreshed, ready to bloom through the rest of my life!!

What??? Not the numbers and pictures that you expected? I think they are great examples. Oh, right, this was about weight loss and inches gone. Won't have that final total until Saturday morning. Such a shame, 60 days of waiting for the final results show, and have to wait one more day. Geez, life is so unfair!!!!

Rest assured, I got some good "after" photos. Surprised myself, actually. I also found a couple more "before" pics for comparison. Will post all on Saturday, along with before and after weights and some final thoughts on 60 days of juice fasting. The poor kale, perked right up and then torn to smithereens for my luncheon enjoyment. That was because I had to...............

Juice on!!!!

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