Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 56..............Consequences

Weight loss has stalled for the past couple of days. That's probably because I haven't exercised due to illness. Feeling better now, so should be able to get back on track today. The weather is awful, and I am off for 4 days, so will not have the treadmill and will not want to run outside. I will make do with my videos and little trampoline. That and major house cleaning should do the trick.

With only 4 days remaining of this trip, I thought I'd better start researching what to eat after I am finished. I have run across some things, like only eating what will fit inside an Easter egg the first week and a few other tips, but hadn't really delved into it. What I found was a bit troubling and conflicting. I am wondering what I have gotten myself into this time?

My body doesn't know how to process real food anymore, according to several articles I read. One said I should take as long as I fasted to reintroduce foods. What? Another said to take 1 day for every 4 or 5 and that is how long it should take. That's 15 days to readjust, at the least. That sounded pretty reasonable to me. One interesting thing I read, is not to fantasize about food you want to eat once you are finished. One, you can't eat it right away, and two, it might make you start feeling hungry again while still on the fast. That happened to me. I thought it was odd at the time. It makes sense. The mind is very powerful and I have been thinking about lasagna.

I read that you should have prunes for the first couple of days. Also, you can get either diarrhea or constipated. Maybe I'll hold off on the prunes to see what happens. I like them, just wouldn't want to make things worse. Good thing for me is that it will be a weekend, so should be ok.

Bottom line is that I am almost afraid to start eating again. Not because I will gain the weight back or lose my energy, but because I am afraid I will get sick or have terrible stomach pains. So, my plan is going to stay the same as it was before I started reading all of those articles. Basically, start slowly and listen to my body. Start with fruit, then vegetables, soups and add to that with milder things at first and see how it goes. I will continue to drink the juices. They are part of my lifestyle and I like it. I do want to be able to eat pasta on occasion, with no ill effects. Just can't do it next Saturday night. 


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  1. About 85 days into my diet (not juicing) I went to Chili's one night and had a half rack of ribs and various other items. I felt like crap for days. The body does adjust to what you are eating and stepping out of that with full portions is going to mess you up. Fruits and veggies (solid) would be a great way to start. You have done an amazing job over the last 56 days!