Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Fifteen and feelin fine!

This morning I thought I'd try something different for breakfast. The recipe is:

1/3 pie pumpkin
1 sweet potato
1 apple
1 pear
2 carrots
1/2 lime
1 pc ginger

I could not cut open the pumpkin. I tried all my big knives, and even my electric knife. Finally, I gave up on that. The recipe was supposed to taste like pumpkin pie, which I love. Oh well. I made it without the pumpkin and used a whole lime. It was delicious anyway, but I think a half lime would have been better. Sweet potatoes make more juice than you would think. I cut it into strips about the size of your average carrot, to make it a bit easier on the juicer. They are REALLY good for you.

And now on to more serious topics. I wanted to talk about waste management. Don't mean the pulp either. Before I started this project, I did like to make smoothies with blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, etc. They are too high in calories to be having all the time, but they do make you "go" as do salads and veggies, which I also consumed a fair amount of on a semi-regular basis. Normally, waste management was taken care of about twice a day on average. I know, too personal, bear with me, there is a point. Once I started on only juice, I was no longer taking in the fiber at all. Deposits basically stopped, except for day 2-3 when something didn't sit right. (Remember from a past blog, "beware the toots.")

By day 5, I was becoming somewhat concerned but not uncomfortable. I had read that if you don't keep things moving along in the intestines, toxins could be absorbed back into the body. I sure didn't want that to happen. So I did some research and decided to buy some herbal tea that contains Senna Leaf, a natural laxative. I was at Sprouts, getting all my produce and the tea on Sat., day 5. All of a sudden, whooeeiiee, where's the bathroom? So odd. I still bought the tea, just in case. Now, when I am thinking I need the tea, I find that I don't. It just takes awhile, (about 5-6 days) for the dumpster to get full enough for waste management to take over. So the point is, be patient and listen to your body. And drink plenty of water.

The next subject is one that I have not read about anywhere; your teeth. This summer, I had that deep cleaning done where they really get all the plaque and stuff that has accumulated over the years, off. Since then, I floss regularly, which I had not been doing, and also use a water pik. Since I stopped eating food, I kind of slacked of on the flossing. No need, right? So I thought. I was still brushing with my electric Braun. After a few days, I decided to floss anyway. Guess what? That nasty plaque still gets in between your teeth even if you only drink juice and water!! So now I am back to my same dental care routine. Point? Don't change things you are doing that are good for you just because you change your diet.

I still don't get it, what is that plaque stuff anyway and why does it like my teeth? Would I still get it if I ate nothing at all? Is it manufactured by me? Well, I am not going to think about that anymore.

Lost another pound or half pound. It's hard to tell with my scale. This puts me at about 13 pounds gone in 14 days, this is day 15 and I am feelin fine!!!

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