Friday, October 28, 2011

Eighteen! Day Eighteen.....sounds like along time.

Usually, I make my breakfast juice, put in a cup, lunch goes in a zip top in a little cooler, and then drink my breakfast as I drive the 30 minutes into work. This morning, I was thinking about so many things as I drove, I totally forgot to drink my juice till I got to work!! Hope I didn't lose too many nutrients due to the delay. Maybe I wasn't hungry or thirsty? Maybe I wasn't thinking about food? Maybe it's all getting very routine now? Or, all of the above. It just kind of surprised me.

Yes, I am working as I write......multitasking. Most of the time I write something up the night before and then just make a few changes. So, get off me already!!!!!!!!!

Wanted to talk a little bit about juicing techniques, now that I have been doing it for a while. I have the Breville JE98XL with an 850w motor. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond, with a coupon. I noticed that Amazon, who had it for the same price of $149.00, now lists it for $179.00, interesting. Anyway, here are some things I do.

1. For spinach, don't bunch it up too tightly. The juicer seems to struggle if it's in a tight wad, which is possible after washing it. Using a salad spinner helps to dry it out somewhat and so the handfuls can be looser.
2. For apples, if whole, cut a small slice off the bottom. The juicer seems to have a hard time with the skin. If halved or quartered, stop the juicer, put the pieces in cut side down. Same with tomatoes.
3. For harder items, such as beets, use the high speed. Low works for most things. Cut sweet potatoes into strips.
4. For ginger, stop the juicer and put the peeled piece in. Hold it with the plunger and then turn the juicer on. Also, DO THIS Last! Ginger is so stringy and even though it is small, the strings will clog up the blade and the strainer basket too.
5. I let the basket sit in the sink under the faucet as I rinse off the other pieces. Then, I make sure that I clean the strainer extra well with the little brush that was provided. After I think I have it clean, I go over it once more. This is crucial, so that the most juice can get through it every time.

Please add your tips and comments. I have found that a few people are reading this and that makes me happy.

Yes, down another half pound, at least. Juice on!!!!

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