Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Nine is all Mine

So last night I made the best batch of Vgr8t juice yet! The recipe is on Friday=Day Four. I added a half a carrot more, that I had left over and about 3 skimpy sprigs of cilantro. Cilantro is good stuff but it can be over-powering and I am finding that with it, less is more. Man o man, that stuff was tasty. I find that I like to drink water along with it, just as if I was actually eating. I take a couple sips of the juice and then some water.

Definitely finding that I have more energy. I have read that over and over, but thought it was just hype or psych. Last night I took my dogs for a nice walk, then ran a couple of errands and went to bed later than I normally do. I never felt like doing much after work before, so I must have more energy.  I also am finding it easier to get up in the mornings, looking forward to seeing if I lost another pound! And I did! So after 8 days, lost 9 pounds. I have not noticed it physically, but it must be true.

Oh, I have another picture and tip. I found that making my nightly juice along with getting things ready for the next day, was taking more time than I wanted to spend. So, Sunday, I got 3 bags of veggies ready for my Mean Green lunch juice, and also some fruit for breakfast juices. It is so easy to just grab the bag out of the fridge in the morning, plus it gives me more time at night. I only did 3 days at a time so things will stay fresh, but a couple days or nights a week of prep time, I can handle. Here is what it looks like:

I will reuse the bags too. They are 2.5 gallon zip tops, larger than what I need, but that's ok. Dig my jazzy wallpaper? It's retro baby, yeah, that's what it is. I guess I am almost old enough to be retro too. When I get back to Skinny Vic, I am going to be a hippie.
Peace out.............Juice on!!!!

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