Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Ten Starts Off

Ten days without eating any food. Well, nine full days so far, but, still, I can hardly believe it. This will just be a quick update. I wanted to say that my scale did not show that I lost the pound I have been losing every day so far. Not even a half! It only weighs to the half.

I could use this as a good excuse to quit.....must not be working anymore. Right? Yeah, I think I'll go make me some scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. MMMMMM!! Grits too! Yay!

Absolutely NOT!!!! I am not a quitter. They say you aren't supposed to weigh yourself everyday. I'd probably be sick if I ate that stuff at this point. I don't really want it anyway.

My point is, if you are looking for an excuse to quit, you can find it. I am not. You shouldn't either. Instead, look for reasons to keep going. I only have to look down........."hi there, fat belly! How many dingos you got in there today?"

Juice on!!!!

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