Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thirteen, wow almost 2 weeks!

Today I packed up the autographed juicer and 3 half recipes of goodness to take over to my daughters' and show off a bit. I was hoping to make some converts. Two little ones, do not eat veggies, and not many fruits, I was afraid that they would not even taste the juice. I was wrong. They were fascinated by the process and did taste the juice. Not sure that I have any converts yet. But I will keep trying.

Oh, had a really good test too. They wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, so we did. I had my Mean Green waiting for me to juice at her house. I am happy to say that I did not even want to eat so much as a chip. I love Mexican food. It did help that the food is not that good there, but still, not even a chip? Way to go Vic! The thing is, after coming this far, I do not want to waste all my efforts.

I started feeling pretty hungry as I am watching football. Realized that I had not had enough water today. So guys, remember to drink your water. I believe that it's just as important as the juice.

Two whole weeks tomorrow and no bites of anything the whole time. I find it hard to believe. But, I am on a roll now. Better to be on one than eat one. Juice on........

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