Monday, October 24, 2011

Fourteen, pretty routine

Don't have much to report today. Still at a solid weight loss of 12 pounds. I wish it was more, but that's fine. As long as I am not gaining any, I am not going to be concerned with the day to day weight. My scale only does to the half pound anyway.

Two weeks. It's getting to be pretty routine now. I never feel bad, but do notice some kind of "boost" after drinking my juices. It's nice to have the recipes worked out so I don't have to think about it too much. I just have to decide which one to have at night. Variety is important for several reasons. It's important to use different types of vegetables because each one brings something different to the table. Also, it keeps you from getting bored. There are so many good recipes to be found. I may change it up a bit next week. I think I'd like to add some broccoli. Part of the fun for me is planning out the week and making my lists.

As happens with many, this has become more than just losing weight for me. The best way to get the most nutrients for my system is with juicing and I plan to make it a part of my new lifestyle. I was even thinking of a way to make a salad dressing by using some juice, the other night. The possibilities are unlimited and I plan to use the pulp too. 

Create a new life, juice on!!!

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