Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Twenty.......Freak Out!!!

This morning, I had a major FREAK Out!!! I am recovered now, but I felt just awful. I had my apples, carrots, sweet potato and ginger all ready to go. Put the pieces on the juicer, flipped the switch and nothing happened!! I flipped it a couple more times, tested another appliance in the wall outlet, and it was working. So I just stand there looking at my breakfast that I can't have, thoughts of what to do, racing through my head, a sinking feeling in my empty tummy. No juice bars around here, I have a blender, but not the same as my juice, and what time does Bed Bath and Beyond open? No, I don't want to buy another juicer, that's for sure, so I get out my user guide, hoping there is some kind of reset button or something. One little tip box says, " Be sure the arm to secure the lid is in the up position." And the Bonehead Award goes tooooooooooo, almost Skinny Vic!!!! Cheers all around!! My juice tasted even better this morning!

It surprised me how terrible I felt about the possibility of not having my juicer working after coming so far. Sure I could get another, and mine is still under warranty, but the disruptions of my plans and trying to figure out what to do about it all, wasn't making me a happy Vic this morning. Not only that, my juicer is Autographed by the man who started all of this for me, Joe Cross. It has sentimental value now. It's more than just a juicer. And I am more than just a little bit silly sometimes. Geez.

The above was not what I planned to mention today, but that's fine. My shopping yesterday was great! I spent just under $50 again. I did buy a container of Coconut water to add to my morning juices for a test. It is high in potassium and has other goodness in it too.

Take a look at this crazy veggie I had to buy. It's call a Daikon radish, supposed to have all kinds of goodness in it.  The scissors are there so you can compare. They are standard size scissors.

Now, even though I am not Skinny Vic all over, my legs and b-hind still are. Most of my extra pounds are in the worst place possible, my tummy and torso in general. I am what they call "pear shaped". Even though I have lost 16 pounds, I can't tell much difference, but my tummy must be getting smaller or something is somewhere. I say this because as I was walking around shopping, my underwear kept falling down. I'd try to hitch it up by sticking my hands in my pockets and grabbing at it. It's just uncomfortable. So, if you are getting discouraged, but one day, your underwear starts falling off you, well, be happy. You can be a Happy Hitcher. I know I was. Juice on!!


  1. wow, that is one mega veggie!!! and when and where did you meet joe? that is awesome! i keep picturing this big meet-up in 2012 where all of the fb friends and joe and phil get together to juice and celebrate!

  2. I met Joe on Oct. 17th, a Monday, almost exactly a week after I started my fast. He was in Dallas for a screening of his documentary. I found out about it only 2 hours before it started, but made it to the sold out show in time to get in. He answered questions after and gave a talk. Then he signed autographs and took pictures with people. He was so nice, sweet, and very nice looking too. He just has a killer smile. It was a wonderful experience for me.