Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sixteen days, today! Do I need protein?

I was thinking last night about protein. For many people considering a juice fast, the first question they ask is "What about protein?, How will I get enough of it?" Truth is, most people take in more protein from meat and dairy than they need. That extra protein acidifies the body and if not used, is turned into fat. Oh lovely, we all need more fat right? I love it so much!! NOT!

Have you ever been up close to a giraffe or an elephant? What about a chicken or a Texas Longhorn bull? Well I have. Except for the chicken, these animals are huge!! How did they get that way? And how do those chickens pack all that protein into their eggs? It was not from eating any meat at all. Yet we eat chickens, cows and dairy to make sure we get our amino acids, 9 of them to be exact. We even add protein powder to our smoothies. We don't need to do that and really shouldn't.

Vegetables have protein in them and so do fruits. Even watermelon has some! Now, they do not have all 9 amino acids in one, so we need a variety. That's fine by me. Of course, beans have the most. Beans. I can't juice a freakin bean. I read that someone tried to juice green beans, with failure. Here is a good list I found. It doesn't have greens, except for spinach so I Googled Kale and Collard Greens. Both have a nice amount or protein considering that they are Leaves. it out. 

So now you know the basic skinny on the protein issue. You can read a lot more about it all over the Net. 
Or you can save yourself some time and take my word for it.

Morning of Day Sixteen, down 13 solid pounds in 15 days. Juice on!!!!!


  1. Some other good sources of veggie protein:
    sea weed- in particular spirulina-16g/oz , which you can buy in powdered form at most vitamin shops
    Parsley- freeze dried fresh-9g/oz
    soybean sprouts raw- 5g per 1/2 cup
    sun dried tomatoes- 4g/oz


  2. Thanks for the tips. I also just read somewhere that asparagus is a good source, but am wary of what the juice would taste like. I love it, but sometimes the juice is so different. I don't add anything dry to my juices, but after I am off it, could add to smoothies. I do feel like I am getting enough for now. Thanks for reading!!!