Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 36.......when you least expect it.....

The scale stayed the same. That's fine, it does that some days. I am ok with that as long as it doesn't go up. That is to be expected.

Wanted to share a good tip that I friend of mine told me. He is just starting out and bought all his produce this weekend. He is going to follow recipes, after trying to just throw stuff together at first, like we all do. Some people can do that and end up with something good. We did not. Anyway, what he did was, using the bags that the produce came in, he divided all of it up into the bags, according to the recipes. He then used a Sharpie to mark which recipe it was for. I am sure that soon, he will not need to even mark them. This way, he can just grab the one bag at a time and he will use that bag to catch the pulp, too.  Genius!!!

Story time........

Yesterday was stressful at work. I know this whole week is going to be that way too, because we are short-handed. Late in the day, I started wishing I could go home and handle the stress in my favorite way, with a drink or 4. How nice it would be to just go home, drink and relax. I thought about this enough to wonder what would happen to me if I did it, physically. I found out that when you are on a fast, alcohol will give you a buzz faster, you will crash off it harder, it will disrupt your sleep patterns, and in general, be a shock to your system. Still, I thought, I'm a pretty seasoned drinker. What if I just had a little bit to see if I could feel it? I still have about 4 oz. in the fridge, not enough for a normal evening, but enough for a taste or two. Nobody but me would know.

It was after 5 and one more email came in. It was from my friend in Houston, so I opened it. It wasn't long. She just wanted to let me know how much she enjoys reading this blog. And so, when I least expected it, I found my motivation again. I stopped thinking about drinking. I started thinking about what I needed to do once home. I exercised, did some chores and made my delicious juice.

This story has 2 points. One is obvious... you never know when help is just around the corner, even if you don't ask for it. The second, may not be so clear. It is...... do not hesitate to give someone an "atta boy-way to go," when they do something you like. You never know what that might mean to that person. You never know if they were feeling weak and about to give in. Your few words could make such a difference. People like praise. We don't get or give it enough. It's human nature to want to make a difference, or to know that your very existence matters in some small way. A simple email can do that.

The vodka is still where I left it 36 days ago. Want to know how long it will stay there? .........Sure you do!

So do I..............but right now, I will drink my juice to my health!


  1. I never expected it, but my 11 year old son has become my biggest cheerleeder. I don't know why I am surprised by that. Many years ago the family switched onto the Fein Gold program which is basically no crap, chemicals etc in your diet. On the rare occasions I brought something bad into the house, he would complain to me about how I was eating plastics and hurting myself. He once grabbed my can of soda I had brought home and poured it down the sink :)

  2. Congratulations on your journey! I am on day two that should be four, but Sunday the brunch buffet was more temptation than I could handle and I caved in. Anyways... just wanted to let you know your blog is so inspirational that I am considering starting one of my own (although I am not as nice as you and mine will have more colorful words). Thank you for being so candid and telling it like it is with the toots and the plaque and the undies. I am the kind of girl that reads the glorified version of scenarios and thinks to herself "sure, so what aren't they telling me?!?!" Love your blog; just found it last night.

  3. @Bzybee, Kids are so great! Glad to hear about yours.

    @WldWcnWmn, welcome to my blog. I am so glad that you like it. It does help me keep going.