Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 39........My Top Five Fave Recipes

As promised, I want to post my top five favorite recipes. I must admit that I haven't tried that many different ones, but definitely more than five. I found all of these recipes online and sadly, can not give credit because I don't recall where I got them. I have changed all of them a little bit anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter. Tastes really very from person to person, so my faves certainly might not be so yummy to another. But here they are.....

Number Five......My Mean Green Juice

Kale leaves 6
Cucumber 1
Celery Stalks 4
Apples 2
Lime 1
Ginger/pc. 1
I use Gala apples, but some may prefer the more tart Granny Smith. Remember to cut the ends off the Kale, after washing, and soak in water, like flowers, for a few hours in the fridge. Peel the cuke, the lime and the ginger. I have this everyday for lunch.

Number Four....Pineapple Orange

Pineapple 0.5
Orange 2
This is pretty sweet and I am sure, high in calories, so only a couple of times a week for this one. No need to peel the pineapple, just scrub well and cut the ends off. I don't core it either. I peel the oranges with a carrot peeler.

Number Three.......VGr8

Celery Stalks 2
Spinach/handful 3
Carrots 2
Tomato 2
Beet or Turnip 1
Italian Parsley/handful 1
Green Onion 2
Daikon radish, 1/4 1
Sometimes I add an extra tomato. Recently, I have been adding a jalapeno, seeded, of course. I used to add a little Cajun seasoning, but don't like it anymore. Peel the beet or turnip and I use golden beets. I have this 3-4 times a week for dinner.

Number Two.....Apple Pie

Pears 1
Sweet Potato 0.5
Apples 1
Carrots 2
Lime 0.5
Ginger/pc 1
On this one, the sweet potato is about 8 inches long and I try to get one evenly shaped and cut it in half. Wrap the other half and put back in the fridge. No peeling, but cut it into strips so it is easier on the juicer. Peel the lime and ginger. In all these, the ginger is about an inch across and 1/2 to 3/4 inch long. I have this about 3 times a week for breakfast.

And finally, My Number ONE Favorite Recipe is...........You really want to know?
Sure you do!!!!!

It's called  Miss Scarlett..........oh Rhett, ah do luv it so.......

Tomato 2
Beet 1
Bell Pepper-Gr 1
Bell Pepper-red/yellow 2
You can use a beet or a turnip. I use the golden beets and the biggest peppers I can get. They do make lots of juice. Sometimes I add an extra tomato too, if they all aren't too big. Aside from the taste, I like the fact that it doesn't have that many ingredients and still makes plenty of juice. I have this 3-4 times a week for dinner.

Ok, there you have it. I have a spreadsheet I use, that I will send to anyone who wants it. It helps me when I am shopping, and also, I look at it for my ingredients when I make something.

Now you have some good recipes to try out. You can experiment too. Add this, cut back on that. You will know what you like pretty quickly. So...........

Juice on!!


  1. Beautiful, I shall copy and print, thank you for the recipes! I have ordered a couple of books with juicing recipes and hopefully will have a few to share soon, though I experiment using what is on hand also :-)

    OK, here is what I have found with "our" tea..... The label "caffeine free" was older, currently the Royal King Green Tea is labeled "no caffeine ADDED". to quote the tea representative, Tom Chen, who just called and has e-mailed, "tricky". He feels that it does have caffeine, as any green tea, black tea, etc. does..... In any case, you are totally used to it and it should be fine, my words.... I can get the newer labeling for the King Royal here and shall, saving postage. Here is the e-mail message I received from the site:
    Hello Barbara,

    I'm packing your order at this time. But I have just noticed that the print of the Royal King Green Tea has been changed a little bit. They use the wording "NO CAFFEINE added" now and here is the new picture I have just put it on our website now.

    Please let me know if you still want this order to be shipped.

    Tom Chen

  2. would you send me a copy of your spreadsheet? my email address is I'm just getting started and would love the help. thanks so much.

  3. Could you please email me a copy of your spreadsheet....I am loving you blog, it is all I have read today! my email addy is

  4. Could you e-mail me your spreadsheet? Thanks!

  5. I'm adding another recipe to this, Dreamsicle. I made it up when I got sick.
    3-4 oranges, 2 gala apples, one pear and 3 fat carrots. I love it!!!