Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 44............Pleased with myself

Yesterday was a new record for page views...162!! That is so exciting to me. I never dreamed anyone would be interested in my ramblings. Not only that, I just found out where you are, sort of. Most of the views are in the US, but look at the other places. People from Russia,United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, India, and the United Arab Emirates have checked me out. I just love the internet. It truly makes my world larger while bringing people closer together.

I don't think I've said this yet, but a Big Texas Thank-you to everyone who reads my blog!!! It means a lot to me. It helps me tremendously as I go along. When I might be thinking, this quest is a bit too much, I know I will continue and part of it is that I couldn't bear to have to say that I failed. I would admit it, but I don't want to. Plus, I would really miss writing my blog. It's become part of what I do everyday.

Sometimes  people are not very kind. They probably don't realize the effect of their words. 99% of the people that I have mentioned my juice adventure to, have been very supportive. But a couple of days ago, I told a guy a little bit about it.  He just rolled his eyes, and said, "Ah, another one of those fad diets where you lose a lot of weight and then gain it all back." I considered telling him that he was wrong and this is a lifestyle change, but I didn't. You have to pick your battles and I knew I would not change his mind. I saved my breath and my time. But I've thought about that comment since then. If it had been early on, I could have just agreed and given up. I doubt I would have, but negativity is a bad seed and it could cause someone on the brink of caving, to give in. I decided that the best way to prove he is wrong is to show him, by continuing with a healthy lifestyle, working on getting fit, and getting to my target weight.

Point of the is a wonderful thing and helps us when we struggle. But all too often, all it takes is one little straw during a difficult time to bring us down. Don't let that happen. Don't elevate someone's opinion beyond their knowledge. Consider your source and pick your battles. The main battle right now should be taking care of your own self. Your opinion is the only important one in this scenario. Also, be positive toward others. You know how it goes.....if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. That's why I am a very quiet person!!

Juice on and be strong!!!


  1. Only 16 days to go! Any thoughts on how you are going to handle the upcoming holiday dinners?

  2. I am going to handle the dinners by drinking juice. It will take some time to be able to eat normally anyway, and then I will be most careful of what I do eat, plenty of veggies for sure!

  3. "Don't elevate someone's opinion beyond their knowledge."

    Exactly!! You're doing great and how you feel is all that matters at this point.

  4. Pick your battles, yes those are wise words. It's hard sometimes to know where those battles lie. Keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with being right. A family member once told me that they were frustrated with me "always being right" (I'm not) However, if you THINK you're wrong, then why on earth wouldn't you change your opinion to be RIGHT? Otherwise, you'd have to believe you were correct. Anyway, I continue to be convinced that I am right about you, and your blog and your quest. :-) I followed my own plan this Thanksgiving, and found that I wound up having lots to be thankful for. I missed my juice, actually, but the turkey wasn't done by the time dinner was served, and nobody ate much meat. I'd taken enough fresh veggies to have a wonderful salad at lunch and dinner every day, and wound up feeding everyone some spinach, romaine lettuce, onions and tomatoes for a large part of the thanksgiving dinner. (I'd brought them to keep them from going bad while I was not home and not juicing them.) I was quietly (until I got in the car with my own wife and kids) gloating that I managed to "save" thanksgiving for the family, since everyone loved the giant super healthy salad, and it had only been there as the result of my juicing 2 meals a day! I didn't have to fight any battle to convince them that there was SOME advantage. I just got to be right... and I like being right. ;-)