Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 48................Family

Anyone trying to do a juice fast has it two or three times as hard as I do, if they have family that they have to cook for everyday. I have a great respect for anyone able to do it. Not only do you have to make something that your family will eat, but then you have to make your own juice too. What an effort! The food you make is probably what your family likes, and you do too, or you would have never made it for them in the first place. Then there's the temptation to finish up that last bite they left or the last spoonful of something in the pan, instead of throwing it away. It ain't easy!

I love breakfast. Not at breakfast time so much, but love the bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits and gravy...........I better stop right there. I love the way it smells, too. It's easier to just enjoy the way food smells when you aren't making it yourself, I found out. I made breakfast for dinner last night. Not for me. I did not cave. Again, I'm not being strong at this point, it's fear. But, I was strong in the beginning, so that counts for something.

Having family around these past couple of days, that I had to cook for, opened my eyes to how hard it can be for some people and how lucky I have been. I am sure that it helps a great deal to have the support of your family. These little ones did not try to entice me to eat as they have in the past. They understand what I am trying to do and that is important. The youngest even mimicked the ooo's and ahh's I make when I drink my juice sometimes, while drinking his Porange juice. He said, "Ah, I needed that.' So, we are getting there.

Hang in there and believe that it is worth the effort in the end, not only for you, but for those lives you touch along the way.


  1. Well, I broke yesterday (sort of) on my first FULL day of fasting. It was almost easier to skip my meal when I wasn't officially fasting than it was last night. I did fine until the gumbo came out before my dinner juice was done. I did good, really, I had a few (3-4) bites of the rue which had a tiny bit of rice in it. I found I wasn't hungry so much as I just wanted that taste of hot and spicy. Going to try harder to avoid it today. I HAVE found that even at Thanksgiving dinner, I craved the veggies way more. I ate a HUGE spinach and romaine salad with tomatoes before every dinner meal while I was at the parents. Now, I gotta go make my breakfast juice!

  2. I wanted the spicy taste too at first. I bought some Cajun spice to add to my vg8 juice. Only needed a little bit. After awhile, I stopped using it, because it tasted too salty and I liked the juice better without it. Lately, I have been adding a jalapeno to it for a little kick. Early on, at Chilli's, I found that I wanted the freshly steamed broccoli more than anything else. Craving the veggies is a good sign. You can do it!!!