Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 49..............or Week one of Two

Technically I have less than two weeks to go. Twelve days, counting today. As much as I have enjoyed doing this, I am looking forward to being finished. That feeling has grown as the days dwindle. I have been thinking about why. It's not because I want to eat food again, so much. I believe it's because I am growing tired of the routine. It is an easy enough one, to be sure. No dishes to wash, no meal planning because I have the same things all the time, shopping for the same things, is all just part of my life.......what I do. I could add some different juices, but I still like the ones I am having. I do love seeing my refrigerator stuffed full of produce. It must be how a squirrel feels about a stash of nuts.  I love seeing it by the end of the week, growing empty because of what I have done. You get a feeling of accomplishment.

Being on a juice fast forces you to take better care of yourself. By eliminating the bad foods and taking in all the wonderful nutrients, you are going to get healthier. You have to plan it out and make your juice, or you won't have any nourishment. This takes some work, even though it is easy to do. My fear is that I am growing tired of taking care of myself. It's lazier not to. That is why convenience foods and fast food places exist. As easy as making the juice is, it's still easier to throw something in the microwave. Of course, I know what is good for me and what is not, and I have learned much along the way. My hope is that I will not fall into bad habits again. My hope is that 60 days is long enough to break those bad habits. I have no idea.

After I am finished, I have decided to keep writing this blog for awhile, as long as I can come up with things to write about. I am very curious as to what it will be like for the first few weeks of eating again. I think others might be too. Writing about my experiences will help keep me on track. Honesty is very important to me. There is no way that I would want to write about going to a fast food joint or eating a box of Mac and Cheese. Not now and hopefully, not ever. I do know that I will keep juicing. I don't want to lose the energy that it gives me. I also will keep hitting the treadmill, as I want to get into better shape. That is the fastest way to do it, at least for me. And, I am not really "Skinny Vic" yet. I'm getting there..................

Juice on!!!!

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